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Sounds U Like – Sleep Aid


No parent will turn down the opportunity for a good nights sleep, and the Sounds U Like Sleep Aid and Night Light can help that happen.

Every baby and child is different, but they all have their favourite piece of music or song. The Sounds U Like is a programmable baby night light which means you can upload the music your child loves that will help to soothe them to sleep.

Because it’s a programmable baby night light, the Sounds U Like can also play a recording of your voice should your child wake in the night. Our unique algorithm means the Sounds U Like will detect your child is awake and play whatever you want it to.

  • Fully programmable with your preferred piece of music or song
  • Record your voice to help your child get back to sleep
  • A spectrum of beautiful colours
  • Cry detection software built in
  • High quality audio speaker for excellent sound production
  • Can be used as a useful Bluetooth speaker in the home
  • A 15-hour rechargeable battery
  • Unique magnetic USB charging lead (which we think is amazing)
  • Your new Sounds U Like
  • Instruction booklet
  • USB charging lead (replacements are available to purchase)


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