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Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump


The Fraupow Hands-Free Breast Pump allows busy mums to pump milk whilst getting on with all the other stuff they need to do. It is lightweight, discreet, wire-free and fits inside your bra, and was created to support Mums.

The Fraupow pump uses advanced air-pressure pulse technology that expresses milk but avoids irritation and discomfort. Much like the great mums who use it, it’s powerful and gentle at the same time, allowing you an efficient and comfortable pump every time. The USB rechargeable battery ensures up to 100 minutes pumping after a full charge. It’s cordless and ridiculously portable!

Fruapow understands that breast milk is important and the anti-spill and anti-leak design of the Fraupow pump means you can move around while pumping and still catch all that good nutritious milk. If you find that one breast leaks while you feed on the other, you can use the Fraupow pump to catch the leaked milk, and still hold your baby close for uninterrupted skin to skin contact as you feed.
Lighter than the leading alternative it weighs in at just 218g, and it also holds 180ml of milk – 30ml more than the competition, meaning that mums can pump greater quantities without having to stop to empty the milk chamber or change bottles.

Fraupow gives you comfort, with 4 pumping modes: Massage, Expression, Lactation and Auto. There are 12 intesity levels so you can adjust the pump to suit your flow, which is all supported with a full LED touch screen.

Every boob and every baby is different. Breastfeeding is a very personal experience, so the Fraupow Pump has different sized flanges to cup your breast comfortably and allow the best output. Made from lightweight, durable, and BPA-free silicone materials, its ergonomic silhouette fits the shape of you and your schedule. Wires and tubes get in the way, so we’ve created a pump that simply doesn’t have them, so you can focus on nurturing your baby.

Fraupow leads the idustry with expert support for mums. They have teamed up with NowBaby TV to produce an Expert Breastfeeding Course hosted by celebrity Midwife Marley, which is free with every pump purchase.

Fraupow Mums can also access theiurone to one Midwife Services. These can be accessed during pregnancy and the first year through online video calls with qualified midwives.

TheFraupow UK based Customer Service Team offer personalised help by video, phone call and over email to help guide you and successfully pump with the support of Fraupow.


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