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Fraupow Nursing Breast Pads – 8 Pack


Treat your body and the environment better with these super soft 80% bamboo and 20% cotton breast pads. Ditch the single use pads and feel the difference of natural fibres and soft fabric against sore nipples.

Bamboo is natures wonder stuff. The long, smooth fibres are super soft, breathable, and up to 4x more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable for longer. Not only that, but it’s sustainable too!

Our reusable breast pads are made of three layers, including a super soft natural fibre layer against your skin and a waterproof outer layer to prevent any wet patches.

Unlike disposable pads, these are soft, flexible, and naturally cup your breast. They are thin and discrete under clothing. at 12cm, they don’t crinkle up and wander around your bra, or get stuck to your most delicate skin. Wearing them feels and looks just like wearing your normal bra.

The pack of 8 pads includes four colourways to work with every outfit. It also includes a waterproof bag where you can store used pads while out and about, and a mesh bag to keep the pads together in the wash.

Fraupow Mums can also access our one-to-one Midwife Services. These can be accessed during pregnancy and the first year through online video calls with qualified midwives.
Our Fraupow UK based Customer Service Team offer personalised help by video, phone call and over email to help guide you and successfully pump with the support of Fraupow.

The Fraupow Re-usable Nursing Pads are part of Fraupow’s breastfeeding support system. The range includes an award-winning hands free electric pump and a manual milk collector. Fraupow’s bottles, milk collection bags and other feeding accessories provide everything you need to make pumping and feeding as hassle free as possible.


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