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Fraupow Manual Breast Pump and Milk Collector


Express yourself! The Manual Breast Pump and Milk Collector from Fraupow mimics the natural suction of a baby to comfortably express milk and collect for later.

Squeeze this manual pump to draw out milk – you are fully in control so you can gently express milk while relaxing. Whether you need to express milk to use later, to relieve an engorged boob or to catch the overflow while baby is feeding on the other side, this manual pump uses natural suction to catch every precious drop.

A lightweight and handy pump to add to your pumping paraphernalia. This little wonder can be used as your only pump or can be great to tuck into your bag as an alternative to your electric pump when you’re out and about and you just need something simple to help release some milk.

The ergonomic cup is shaped to fit the natural curves of a boob, and the gentle suction makes pumping painless. Made of food grade silicone the pump is warm and comfortable against delicate skin.

Don’t waste a drop of your precious breastmilk! The integrated container holds a generous 110ml of milk, with a leak proof stopper and easy pour groove so you can easily transfer expressed milk into a Fraupow storage bottle or milk storage bag.

Fraupow Mums can also access Fraupow’s one to one Midwife Services. These can be accessed during pregnancy and the first year through online video calls with qualified midwives.

The Fraupow UK based Customer Service Team offer personalised help by video, phone call and over email to help guide you and successfully pump with the support of Fraupow.

The Fraupow Silicone Breast pump & collector is part of Fraupow’s breastfeeding support system. The range includes an award winning hands free electric pump and a manual milk collector. Fraupow’s bottles, milk collection bags and other feeding accessories provide everything you need to make pumping and feeding as hassle free as possible.


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