Lascal Kiddy Gaurd Avant

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NEW elegant Swedish design integrates beautifully into both classic and modern homes. The mesh rolls into an aluminium casing protecting it from dirt, wear and tear and providing the KiddyGuard Avant with an attractive, elegant design. The mesh is made from a unique fabric, providing a soft surface if your child accidentally falls against it.

Almost “invisible” when not in use, the KiddyGuard Avant leaves the door or stairway free. When opened, no part of the KiddyGuard Avant is left in your way – No threshold = no trip hazard across the opening. There are no metal bars and no traps for little fingers and arms to get caught in.

NEW Timed locking

A – To make it easy, the KiddyGuard Avant is equipped with a ‘Time Delay Locking Mechanism’. This keeps the gate unlocked while you open or close it. Push and turn the knob up to 290 degrees to open/close the gate. The shorter  the turn, the shorter time you will have to get through. The gate will automatically lock when the knob has rolled back to its starting position.

B - For those occasions when you need some extra time, push and turn the knob all the way past 290 degrees and the gate will remain unlocked, with no time limitation. When you’re ready, turn the knob anti-clockwise and the gate will automatically lock once the knob has returned to its original position.

Easy to use and Easy to fix – the KiddyGuard Avant is easily operated with one hand while carrying your child and easy to fix (The only tools needed are: screw driver, drill and measuring tape). The gate fits openings up to 120cm (47 inches) and is 80cms tall. A mounting kit for fixing into wood, brick or a concrete wall is included.  It is the widest stair gate on the market and can withstand an impact of 100kgs (220lbs) and like all stairgates is intended for use for children up to 2 years old.

Locks open or closed – The KiddyGuard Avant obviously stays locked when closed, but also when open, so Children can’t use it as a toy. The locking system creates no sound.

If there is a Skirting Board on the wall to which the Gate Housing or Locking Strip is to be attached, a piece of wood, the thickness of the skirting board will need to be positioned between the top bracket of the KiddyGuard Avant and the wall.

  • Manufactured by: Lascal Ltd