DK Organic Cellular Blanket - Cot (110cm x 150cm)

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Cellular Blanket Size - 110cm x 150cm

Cellular and Fleece Blankets. Our Cellular blankets are made from a cotton weave that is warm, yet breathable. These soft blankets are specially made for DK in Portugal, and are excellent quality. They come in the entire range of DK colours and in sizes to fit most nursery mattresses.

Our Fleece blankets are made from a polyester weave that is exceptionally warm, soft and cosy. They are specially made for DK in England, and are perfect for keeping your baby warm on cold winter nights.

DK Glovesheets - Mission Statement
In a changing global market, we aim to never lower our standards, to always source materials and labour ethically and locally, to provide the customer with a trustworthy product.

DK Glovesheets - Working Practices

Try to make the working environment as interesting and pleasant as possible for our workers. The team have always worked with in a family atmosphere.

The location of the premises of the business make it a real cottage industry, it is found in the centre of small Surrey village and acts as part of the local community as all the workers are local.

There is certainly no age, gender, ethnic or religious discrimination in the employment of staff.

We are aware of demands of working parents, offering a flexible and thoughtful approach to working hours.

We prefer to produce high quality products, in a caring working environment, where all workers have equal status.

We always work to order, avoiding the tedious nature of producing the same article for long periods of time.

The working day is split into three sessions, with a coffee break and lunch break, ensuring no one is at the same task for more than two and a half hours.

Workers are paid with quality rather than speed in mind. Our unique quality control results in a return rate of 1 in 5000 units.

Materials Used:

Have always sourced materials in the UK of the highest quality.

We source 100% of our production components from within the UK or companies with a fair trade ethos.

The yarn is from Greece, from Cotton grown locally and ginned and spun by United Textiles, who are currently applying for Fairtrade status.

Yarn is delivered to knitters in Leicester (another small family Co) and then dyed in Leicester before we collect the fabric to our workshop in Dormansland.

We then lay out the fabric, cut 100-200 sheets at a time and then sew, fold, pack the sheets all under one roof.

The finished products are stored in reusable trays ready for dispatch.

The elastic edging comes from a company in Nottingham, the sewing threads from a manufacturer in Leicester.

This careful sourcing of materials has not had an impact on the price of the finished product, as we are successfully competing against far east, Indian and Eastern European competition, and offering a much higher quality product and service.

  • Manufactured by: DK Glovesheets