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Correct bathing temperatures are a common area of confusion for adults who test the water with their hand or elbow.

Designed to give an immediate visual indication of scalding water, the Floating Dolphin Bath Temperature Indicator makes bath time safer and eradicates unreliable guesswork. It uses a patented design, which has three panels that change from purple to bright pink to indicate a safe or unsafe bathing temperature.

The dolphin is simple to use, requiring only a good mix of the bathwater and then 30 seconds for the panels to show the temperature of the water. It also doubles up as fun toy for your child to enjoy playing about with in the bath!

The panels change colour at 34 degrees (cool), 37 degrees (ideal), and 43 degrees (too hot), giving an immediate scald warning if all three indicators are bright pink.

  • Manufactured by: Clippasafe