Peg Perego Pliko Mini in Blue Denim

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PLIKO MINI. It is the smallest in the family but can stand alone.

Pliko is a foldable pushchair like its older brother, but is better performing because it is smaller, lighter and very practical. The aluminium chassis provides a solid structure to control movement stability but this pushchair is still light enough to be very easily manoeuvred and carried.

Travelling is practical and easy.
Because it is so incredibly compact, Pliko Mini makes everything simpler for you - shopping, going for a walk or to the nursery are possible feats, loading the pushchair in the car is easy and taking a bus is no longer a nightmare! The wheels with suspensions ensure an extremely smooth ride (even after years of use) and great freedom of movement - you can do things you thought were impossible, like chasing kites, clouds or butterflies. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun with Pliko Mini!

It is small but great in everything it does.
This compact, light pushchair (5.7 kg) can be folded with one hand (no need to bend!), an incredible advantage that only Peg Perego experience can offer. Its umbrella-fold means it takes up very little room when folded - it fits anywhere, on the landing, the bus, at nursery, at the swimming pool. Pliko Mini ensures perfect hygiene because the fabric never touches the ground.

The measure of freedom.
Being only 50 cm in width, 101 cm in height and 84 cm in depth means having so much more freedom. There is no lift, shop till, bus or train in which Pliko Mini does not move gracefully. True satisfaction comes when it is time to set off on an outing - Pliko Mini fits into almost every car boot and leaves plenty of room for other things. After all, when folded it is only 34 cm in width, 94 cm in height and 32 cm in depth.

Ideal for babies, suitable for toddlers.
The reclining backrest can be locked into 3 positions and folds back by more than 150, so it is suitable from birth (and for toddlers as well). Pliko Mini is a great helper that welcomes your little one when he or she is tired of walking or wants to take a nap.

Peg Perego, you can tell it is worth more.
The great made-in-Italy quality of Peg Perego products can be seen in the details. For over 60 years we have been one of the most popular brands of children's products in Italy and all over the world. Our high quality details include the hood with a window so you can check on your baby and a loop to fasten your child's favourite toy on.

The wide seat, 3-position reclining backrest and the adjustable leg rest ensure a comfortable ride. The adjustable ergonomic handles allow people of different heights to walk comfortably while pushing. A large, practical storage basket is the finishing touch. Once folded the pushchair can be carried like a trolley case by its centralised rear handle.

The height-adjustable, 5-point safety harness and the wheels with suspensions (lockable or swivelling at the front, with centralised brake at the rear) ensure safety.

Italian pride. All Peg Perego products are made in Italy. Every step in the production process - from design to manufacturing - is performed by Peg Perego and no one else.

  • Model: Pliko Mini
  • Manufactured by: Peg Perego